Youth football league celebrates second anniversary

The Croydon Community Football League banner. Pic: Marthe Holkestad

The Croydon Community Football League banner. Pic: Marthe Holkestad

The Croydon Community Football League celebrated its second anniversary with a mini football tournament for young people aged 24 and below.

The CCF League is a joint project set up by Croydon Landlord Services, the council’s Street Based Youth Team, and Surrey FA. It is designed to bring together young people from the borough to enjoy the beautiful game.

Managing director of Croydon Landlord Services, David Sutherland, said: “The popularity of the project has been used to encourage young people, many of whom do not readily engage with services, to learn about apprenticeships and employment possibilities – not to mention the direct health benefits.”

The Crystal Palace Football Club Foundation and Surrey FA have provided coaches and referees for the tournaments.

Donald Forde, head of the CPFC foundation, said: “The CPFC Foundation has provided courses for young people to achieve their FA Level One Award. We also promote the Aspire to Engage Employability Programme and boxing courses to further support young people.”

The celebration tournament kicked-off at Selhurst Sports Arena on February 24 where approximately 140 young people divided in ten teams playing one another in seven-a-side matches.

The CCF League has gained a positive reputation in the community as it provides adolescents between the ages of 16 and 24 with an activity that, for some, acts as a diversion from other influences.

Who knows, maybe the next David Beckham played at this tournament?

You can find more information on the CPFC Foundation and the work they’re doing in the community here.

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